Physics for everyone

I recently posted an entry about the shape of a black hole's horizon on this blog. To my huge (positive!) surprise, it became very popular. Unfortunately, I wasn't holding myself back from using advanced mathematics in it, which turned out to be a big obstacle to many readers. It's nothing weird, really - the mathematics of black holes is a topic rarely discussed outside of classes about General Relativity. Many people expressed their hope that I will write about this topic using a simpler language - and this is the purpose of this category of my blog.

There are many topics in physics that are hard to discuss without relevant preparation - so the first articles here will probably not be very interesting. They are going to be more focused on abstract notions, apparently not connected to reality at all, rather than "cool" stories about cosmic vacuum cleaners. I hope, though, that reading them will let you, dear readers, understand and appreciate the complexity, but also beauty of those problems.

For better orientation in the series that will be appearing here, there will be a table of contents, which I'll be updating when something new appears. Have fun! :)

  1. Events and space-time
  2. Lorentz transformations, light cones
  3. ...