About this blog and its author

Programming is my job and a hobby at the same time. Because of this I often plan and realize small software projects in my free time. They are what this blog is meant to be about.

I will attempt to describe my ideas and the progress of their realization here. The posts will probably appear irregularly, when I have time and feel like writing something new. If I get some readers, I will probably try to increase their frequency, though.

This would conclude the introduction, I hope you will enjoy the blog!

The author

My name is Bartłomiej Kamiński, I'm 35 years old. I majored in physics at the University of Warsaw in Poland, but I'm also interested in programming and it is what I decided to associate my career with. My other interests are linguistics and aero-/astronautics.

Why "ebvalaim"?
The word comes from a constructed language called Ithkuil. "ebv-" means a theory, in the sense of "observational knowledge utilized and integrated to create coherent explanation". "-aim" means "one who constructs, makes, creates" and that this is not just a property of what the word represents, but rather its essential part, forming a separate concept. "-al-" means that we mean a single instance of the concept. Thus, "ebvalaim" is "the one who creates theories" as a separate concept, or, in other words, a theoretical physicist :)