The Universe Project

The project, which I temporarily call "Universe" (a better name would be nice, but it isn't urgent), aims to create an interactive universe in a realistic scale - that is, containing billions of galaxies, consisting of billions of stars themselves, some of which have planets, some being parts of multiple-star systems etc.

The inspiration comes from a few sources:

  • Space Engine - a program which lets you travel through a realistic universe
  • Minecraft - a game creating almost unlimited possibilities for building and interacting with the world
  • Wurm Online - a game similar to Minecraft in some aspects, also creating great possibilities of shaping the world

In short - the purpose would be to achieve interactiveness similar to that of Minecraft or Wurm, but in a universe the size of Space Engine.

Of course, this is a huge endeavour, so the project will probably take years, if I manage to finish it at all. Thus, I'm going to make small steps forward, until it takes some interesting shape sometime in the future, and describe the progress here, in the category "The Universe Project".